Omiya Co., LTD, the parent company of OMIYA CONNECT,
is a wholesale company of kimono products based in Kyoto, to send out both “kimono” and “culture” to the world.
We produce new brands and OEM products with the technique and culture of kimono fused with the craftsmen’s reliable skill,
your designs and products. We will create unprecedented items with delicacy,
elegance which can be send out to the world from Japan.

“What is the new style of kimono in the future?”OMIYA CONNECT was established to find an answer to this question. Our corporate philosophy is to support the craftsmen who continue to sustain Japanese traditions and culture. How can we preserve their traditional techniques? How can we let the people in the world know about Japanese culture? The answer was the fusion of kimono with modern design.

One example of our producing is our original brand “SANJIKU”. We released some fashion items such as stoles and ties, created from a collaboration between SANJIKU textiles using traditional silk braiding technique of “Kyokumihimo” and designers in Europe. These items have attracted a lot of attention at the exhibitions in Shanghai and Paris, and was shown in an overseas TV commercial and fashion show. SANJIKU has made a triumphal return to Japan with a high evaluation in other countries. We are collaborating with both domestic and overseas designers at the moment for further product development.

“Our partnership with more than 300 kimono creators”We, based in Kyoto, the production area of kimono, have built trusting relationships with the creators over the years. We will produce new products adapted to modern life-style, fusing the creators’ process and techniques with modern designs with the greatest respect. Our only hope is to create a next SANJIKU together with you, leveraging our knowhow.

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